About Us

BVR Investment (BVR) is a boutique investment advisory firm and part of the BVR Group Asia. We specialize in providing HNWI, Family Offices, VCs and Investors from Asia, Europe and the United States with unique investment opportunities, which offer attractive returns and equity structures. Primarily focused on South East Asia, these deal flows are exclusive to BVR, fully vetted and verified by our licensed due diligence team to secure the investor’s funding.

Furthermore, our mother company, BVR Group Asia offers fully integrated services such as asset valuation/appraisal, outdoor advertising, property sales, hotel management, digital marketing and representative office services afford foreign clients the use of our office, staff, network and most importantly, our licensing.

BVR operates in two divisions. The first being investor relationship management, where we are constantly looking for new investors to grow our network, while paying detailed attention to existing investors’ requirements. We start every relationship with the goal of it being a long term investment partnership. We strive to know the mandate, habits and preference of each investor, so we only bring them opportunities which are conducive to the investor’s preferences. The second division is investment opportunity procurement, where we are retained by the owners of these opportunities to perform due diligence, structure, prepare and bring them to our investor network. We will only take on opportunities where we not only have an investor appetite but more importantly, mutual chemistry, passion and aligned goals with the owner and their opportunity.

In closing, BVR Investment and BVR Group Asia afford our clients efficient and personal attention from executives who have many years of experience on the largest global stages. We are a one stop solution provider who makes our client’s goals our own goals. BVR Investment are not brokers, we are a valuable tool for our clients to lean on during difficult times. Like a rock solid lighthouse in rough waters, we guide our clients to safe and viable solutions.

Creating a strong network within Consulting, Investment and Global Networking of Companies on new business development project assessment, problem solving, vertical & horizontal integration, risk control and critical solution.

  • Leveraging and fully utilizing BVR’s Global Network in order to enhance the growth of clients and their stakeholders.
  • To help SME companies grow and emerge as large multi-national class corporations.
  • To manage the risk exposure of our clients while they conduct the day to day business.

BVR’s strong culture, leadership and set of values promote accountability, credibility, ethics and transparency.

We Are Here for You

Herb Meiner

CEO BVR Group Asia

The Largest Business Expert

BVR Group Asia has no boundaries as to the possibilities with its ever growing expanse of divisions to better for the needs of our growing client expectations. We know from experience and from our core beliefs that relationships build better teams organizations and intuitively projects

“When I go to sleep each night I feel truly at peace, all wrapped up in a strategy that we designed.”

– Satisfied investor